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elaine yui
¾ Chinese with a little mix here and there, i'm nineteenth and i think alot. A preety face with a heart of a young boy, praise myself all the time, but... i'm a very shy young lady to begin with. Working and partying hard, living my life to the fullest, and this is me.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014
It's been a really long time since i last came back here, and found myself writing a heartfelt post just recently back then struggling for so long. All i could said, i'm stronger than before. I'm really glad that despite all the unforeseen events that had happen these days, i've realize how it's like to be contented with the last few people who were really there for me when i used to push them away. 

After three consecutive days of holidays i've planned spending on my favorite people,... 

Another(Third) night out chilling with one of the love&hate clique of mine at Dempsey hill, can't wait to have another chilling session with them.

"The generation where talking doesn't exist anymore, but phoneeeeees"

Coming back with more post, good night.

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Heartfelt post #20140313
Friday, 14 March 2014

Feel like blogging on some recent events that took place these days, but it's a little bit too much for me to open my laptop and here I am pen-ing down my thoughts here with my phone. 

I always have rumors about me around my circle of friends, but I have never ever clarify or confront anyone even when I know who actually start the ball rolling. I know how much I contradict myself so much that I chose not to confront them, but coming over here to rant over things that which weren't even true in the first place. 

We all have different perspective of views, so some of you might be thinking that I'm defending myself due to the guilt in me, or rather me being a contradict fuck here. After all these years, I believe certain part of me have grown up tremendously over a period of time, I no longer feel the need to live for anyone, to go to the extend to make everyone like me, because yes this is simply too fake to be myself. And now, it's time to love myself more than anyone could do. 

Yes, I'm not really introvert. I'm just hostile and being unfriendly to people who I feel uncomfortable with, I do not need you to like me, or purposely give you a good impression of myself. I know it's simply stupid and childish to act like this to our given society when first impression is very important. I have enough of people coming to me telling me all these rumors and I believe no one will ever feel good when you have not done anything. In fact, these people are people whom I will get to see them due to work purposes, and I have no idea how it's like to be "fake" enough to talk to me without any guilt in them, please enlighten me. 


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#132 - UPDATES.
Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bidding a goodbye to both January and February, while i embraced a whole new month with more assignments and work. It's been a really good start of the year when all i can remember was the laughter and things that had me reminisced all this while, everything seems like yesterday to me. It's one of smoother months, and a fruitful one too.

March, a month that i've abandoned all plannings made a year ago, and decided to pursue the freedom and things i wanna work doubly hard for. I've been living in the world of dilemma for so long and decided to give it a go despite every single one of you is gonna goes against my decision, because deep within me, i know that if i don't give it a try, i will regret it my entire life. And yes, i wanted to thanks this special someone who taught me that trusting someone is like giving them a chance to hurt me after letting down that guard again and again. So i...

Follow my heart, wherever it goes.


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